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Sustainable Food Policy Alliance Response to Coronavirus

The Sustainable Food Policy Alliance (SFPA) thanks everyone in the food and agriculture supply chain – from our farmer and rancher partners, to our suppliers, to truckers, to grocery store employees, to our own employees – for their tireless efforts to keep store shelves full, food on tables and American families and their pets fed … Continued


SFPA Opposes Anti-LGBTQ State Legislation

As business leaders dedicated to equal treatment, respect, and opportunity for all – as well as to improving the financial and investment climate across the country – we call for public leaders to abandon or oppose efforts to enact this type of discriminatory legislation and ensure fairness for all Americans.


SFPA Opposes Discriminatory Legislation in Tennessee; Urges Policymakers to Remain Committed to Equality, Innovation and Growth

Read the SFPA's letter to Tennessee legislators, urging them to not pursue any further legislation that would target or exclude LGBTQ people, which would do harm to Tennesseans and create unnecessary hurdles to economic competitiveness.


SFPA Supports Comprehensive Nondiscrimination Protections for LGBTQ Workers and Customers in Virginia

The Sustainable Food Policy Alliance believes everyone deserves the opportunity to work, earn a living, own or rent a home, access credit, and contribute to their community. Read our letter to Virginia legislators in support of comprehensive nondiscrimination protections for #LGBTQ workers and customers in Virginia.


SFPA Opposes Discriminatory Legislation in Tennessee; Urges Governor to Veto

The Sustainable Food Policy Alliance (SFPA) strongly opposes the anti-LGBTQ adoption bill in Tennessee and urges Governor Lee to veto the bill.


The Sustainable Food Policy Alliance Comments In Support of FDA’s New Era of Smarter Food Safety Strategy

The SFPA has submitted comments to support and inform the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's forthcoming Strategic Blueprint for a New Era for Smarter Food Safety. 


The Sustainable Food Policy Alliance and National Association of State Departments of Agriculture Jointly Submit Comments to the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis

SFPA and NASDA stand ready to work with Congress, the Administration and stakeholders across the food and agriculture value chain to find U.S.-based solutions to our share of this global threat.


SFPA Responds to the Trump Administration’s Move to Withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement

“We, the Sustainable Food Policy Alliance, comprised of leading food companies Danone North America, Mars Incorporated, Nestlé USA and Unilever United States, are still committed to the Paris Climate Agreement. We firmly believe that the food and agriculture value chain can contribute a variety of effective solutions to the global climate challenge."


The Sustainable Food Policy Alliance Supports the Bipartisan Seeding Rural Resilience Act

"As the volatile farm economy and the impacts of climate change and extreme weather events put increasing pressure on farmers and their families, the need for accessible and comprehensive mental health services continues to grow," the group said.


We agree with leading environmental groups: It’s time for CEOs to lead on climate policy.

The Sustainable Food Policy Alliance (SFPA) has a message for the environmental groups calling on corporate CEOs to lead on climate policy: We agree. View the SFPA's full page ad declaring our support.