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SFPA Responds to the Trump Administration’s Move to Withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement

SFPA Responds to the Trump Administration’s Move to Withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement

WASHINGTON, Nov. 5, 2019 –The Sustainable Food Policy Alliance (SFPA) released the following statement in response to the Trump Administration’s decision to begin the formal process to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement:

“We, the Sustainable Food Policy Alliance, comprised of leading food companies Danone North America, Mars Incorporated, Nestlé USA and Unilever United States, are still committed to the Paris Climate Agreement. We firmly believe that the food and agriculture value chain can contribute a variety of effective solutions to the global climate challenge. That is why we are aggressively working to reduce our overall environmental footprints and address the supply chain volatility created by climate change and other natural resource challenges. Beyond our individual actions, we also actively support smart, comprehensive clean energy and environmental policies, such as the Paris Climate Agreement, which aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with what evidence-based science says is necessary. We recognize that continued leadership and advocacy from the business community is now more important than ever. In the wake of the Administration’s decision to withdraw from the global Paris Climate Agreement, we will continue to advance ambitious climate action on behalf of the communities in which we operate, the farmers who grow our ingredients, and the consumers who purchase our products. We call on others to do the same.”

Earlier this year, SFPA released a set of climate policy principles and urged the U.S. government to adopt policies that will significantly reduce GHG emissions across the economy. Read the SFPA’s principles here.


About the Sustainable Food Policy Alliance

The Sustainable Food Policy Alliance seeks to accelerate the pace of change in the food industry through individual company leadership and collective support for public policies that raise the bar and inspire further action in this critical journey. As some of the world’s best-known food companies, founding members Danone North America, Mars, Incorporated, Nestlé USA, and Unilever United States recognize our responsibility to drive positive change for the people who use our products, the people who supply them, and the planet on which we all rely. To learn more about the Sustainable Food Policy Alliance, visit

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