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The Sustainable Food Policy Alliance’s Immigration Reform Statement

The Sustainable Food Policy Alliance’s Immigration Reform Statement

WASHINGTON, Sept. 23, 2019 – As purpose-driven companies, each Sustainable Food Policy Alliance member has implemented policies and practices that are aimed at making us employers of choice in the United States and globally. We know that our success as companies is rooted in our people, that our employees come from all over the world, and that they may come to the United States through a variety of pathways.

The United States was founded on the principle that those who work hard and wish to contribute have a place here, an idea that we believe should continue to be the foundation of this country’s approach to immigration policy. Immigration has long been – and should continue to be – key to keeping our businesses, our local communities and culture, and the national economy strong.

The need for commonsense federal immigration reform is more pressing than ever. Specifically, the Sustainable Food Policy Alliance believes:

1.  Policies that limit legal immigration limit our nation’s economic growth and competitiveness.

2.  The long-term stability and security of our nation depend on an adequately resourced immigration system with thoughtful laws and regulations that are enforced in accordance with basic and long-held international human rights principles. This includes a streamlined pathway to legal citizenship for immigrants who wish to make their homes, raise their families, and contribute to the economy here.

3.  DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipients and undocumented adult workers already in the United States should have access to a legal pathway to citizenship.

4.  Immigration policy must address the need to provide companies in the United States with workers across varying levels of skill and trade that will help businesses like ours continue to operate and compete on the global stage.

5.  Immigration policy must respect the valuable contributions of and help provide stability for the agricultural labor force while also addressing the growing agricultural labor shortage.


About the Sustainable Food Policy Alliance

The Sustainable Food Policy Alliance seeks to accelerate the pace of change in the food industry through individual company leadership and collective support for public policies that raise the bar and inspire further action in this critical journey. As some of the world’s best-known food companies, founding members Danone North America, Mars, Incorporated, Nestlé USA, and Unilever United States recognize our responsibility to drive positive change for the people who use our products, the people who supply them, and the planet on which we all rely. To learn more about the Sustainable Food Policy Alliance, visit

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