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SFPA endorses Circular Economy Accelerator policy report

SFPA endorses Circular Economy Accelerator policy report

September 29, 2020 – The Sustainable Food Policy Alliance (SFPA), including members Danone North America, Mars, Incorporated, Nestlé USA, and Unilever United States, is supporting a new policy report penned by the Circular Economy Accelerator, an initiative of The Recycling Partnership. This report brings together a variety of key stakeholders, including consumer brands, manufacturers, waste and commodity industries, and materials associations, to offer concrete policy options to help improve the American recycling system. The policy report includes a public-private partnership approach to funding recycling systems, disposal surcharges help offset community operational costs, and an eco-modulated packaging and printed paper fee aimed at funding infrastructure and education. This report applies proven sustainable solutions to an American system with the ultimate goal of funding and scaling up the quantity and quality of recyclable material collected across the country.

SFPA’s work with the Circular Economy Accelerator builds on our Packaging & Recycling Priorities and each individual member company’s commitments on packaging and recycling, which include investments in recycling systems around the world, innovations in packaging design and collaborations with suppliers, local communities and retail customers.

A transition to the circular economy will require stakeholders, including companies, recycling operators and federal and local governments, to come together to formulate and implement policies that address issues in our waste management system, build infrastructure and standards to improve recycling, and incentivize a transition away from landfilling. This policy development and innovation in packaging and recycling is a critical part of our strategy to reduce our carbon footprint and reach our climate goals.

Read the policy report from the Circular Economy Accelerator here.


About the Sustainable Food Policy Alliance
The Sustainable Food Policy Alliance seeks to accelerate the pace of change in the food industry through individual company leadership and collective support for public policies that raise the bar and inspire further action in this critical journey. As some of the world’s best-known food companies, founding members Danone North America, Mars, Incorporated, Nestlé USA, and Unilever United States recognize our responsibility to drive positive change for the people who use our products, the people who supply them, and the planet on which we all rely. To learn more about the Sustainable Food Policy Alliance, visit


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