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Readout of SFPA Policy Briefing: “Putting More Recycled Materials Into the Circular Economy”

Readout of SFPA Policy Briefing: “Putting More Recycled Materials Into the Circular Economy”

Washington, September 30, 2022 – The Sustainable Food Policy Alliance (SFPA) hosted a Congressional briefing on September 30 titled, “Putting More Recycled Materials Into the Circular Economy: A Discussion on the Technical Challenges and Policy Solutions to Increase Recycled Content in Packaging.” The briefing brought together experts from Unilever, Revolution, Eastman Chemical, Closed Loop Partners and Mars, Incorporated to discuss how to collectively increase recycled content in packaging. The group acknowledged that while a lot of focus has been on the supply of recycled materials, one of the key aspects of using recycled content in food packaging is ensuring the highest standards of safety. Across the board, the panelists acknowledged that to meet any proposed recycled content goals or requirements there needs to be significant shifts in the nation’s current waste management and recycling systems to help collect, sort and process materials.

The panel discussion, moderated by Rachel Goldstein, North America Policy Director for Mars, Incorporated, featured the following speakers:

As a coalition, SFPA values a collaborative approach to policy making and finding policy solutions that make packaging more recyclable and sustainable. As part of our advocacy efforts in this area, SFPA has developed a set of policy priorities that outline how we are approaching post-consumer recycled content (PCR), especially as we aim to meet our ambitious goals to integrate more PCR into our packaging.


About the Sustainable Food Policy Alliance

The Sustainable Food Policy Alliance seeks to accelerate the pace of change in the food industry through individual company leadership and collective support for public policies that raise the bar and inspire further action in this critical journey. As some of the world’s best-known food companies, founding members Danone North America, Mars, Incorporated, Nestlé USA, and Unilever United States recognize our responsibility to drive positive change for the people who use our products, the people who supply them, and the planet on which we all rely. To learn more about the Sustainable Food Policy Alliance, visit


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