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The Sustainable Food Policy Alliance advocates for innovative, science-based solutions to take action against the costly impacts of climate change, build more resilient communities, promote renewable energy, and further develop sustainable agriculture systems.

Each Alliance member company has already set ambitious targets to reduce its impact on the planet, including greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, land and water use, packaging design and material use, ingredients sourcing, and more. However, we recognize that there is only so much progress that we can make as individual companies. That is why we are working together and in broader coalitions to advance policies that are beneficial for the environment, while accounting for the specific business imperatives of our supply chains, including farmers, ranchers, and other producers, by:

To this end, we released a set of climate policy principles in April 2019, which we updated in July 2021 to reflect the movement in Washington on this issue. We also recognize the need to listen and learn from other stakeholders on emerging sustainability issues, including:

Read more about what each member company is doing on the environment:

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